6633 Arctic Ultra: December training update

Tiberiu Useriu 6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon 2015

Happy New Year!

As we enter 2019 the training for the 6633 Arctic Ultra picks up pace, here's the December update and few notes on the training going forwards.   

December has been a bit of an odd month of training compared to last month, the rubbish weather meant training sessions had to be adapted and the Christmas break always throws a spanner in the works; but I still managed to get in some key sessions.

Here's the training hours break down:

  • Running (pure running): 4hr 30mins
  • Hiking: 52hr 30mins
  • Strength: 2hr 10mins
  • Misc (cycling, testing equipment): 4hr

From the training stats you can see that compared to last month the pure running has dropped (halved) and the hiking specific training has increased significantly (more than doubled) with lots of big back-to-back training sessions and spending as much time as possible 'on my feet', in all conditions, at different times of the day (yes, lots of VERY early starts).

You might also notice from the stats that I've been testing more of my kit, in fact I've just completed my first outdoor bivvy session, testing out my sleeping systems so that I'm able to get into my sleeping bag (and bivvy) quickly and efficiently for when I have to sleep on the trail. If it takes me longer than 7 or 8 minutes to get set up and in my sleeping bag, then I'll be shivering in my sleeping bag and warming up will be very difficult from that point on. These systems are vitally important, as much so as the fitness and mental side of this event, which is why these testing sessions will significantly increase in January and February.

Tibi Useriu wins 6633 Arctic Ultra for the second time 1On the training side, January and February's training really gets specific now. The back-to-back sessions will be longer and harder, and 'time on feet' will be the most important factor. I have to be comfortable doing a big training day, then getting up and doing it all again......and again. As I mentioned in October's training update, the way training and training progression should work is that you start training in a more 'general' manner then as we progress closer to the event itself the training becomes more specific, this is the 'specific' phase I was talking about. Now it gets serious! 

I've also been buying more kit and equipment (if that's possible!). I've also bought more base layers (from RAB and CRAFT), some 2 litre Thermos flasks, a Silva headtorch, a set of nano-spikes (for my boots), some handwarmers, lots of dry bags, various hats and buffs, more Rab liner gloves, outer RAB gloves and a mid layer gilet from Patagonia.  All this kit is pretty costly (no, I'm not sponsored or supported by any companies), but I need the best gear to be 'comfortable' whilst in the Arctic Circle.

If you have any questions about the 6633 Arctic Ultra, the training or equipment, or you just want to wish me luck, please send them over to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.